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熱門關鍵詞: 齒輪計量泵?。? 耐腐蝕計量泵?。? 化工計量泵?。? 同步分流馬達?。? 凸輪泵?。? 轉子泵?。? 凸輪轉子泵?。?






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   Shandong Ukflow Machinery Co., Ltd,  previously known as Jinan UK metering flow machinery equipment Co., Ltd.  It is a technical enterprise mainly engaged in the production of high-precision gear metering pumps, magnetic gear pumps, synchronous gear flow divider and other fluid machinery equipment. It has various high-precision gear metering pumps and synchronous gear flow divider CNC processing equipment and testing equipment. Its premises occupy  26,000 square meters. More than forty percent of the company staff have  bachelor or higher university degrees. The company holdsmore than 10 patents for various gear metering pump and synchronous gear flow divider (currently under the name of Jinan UK), two of which  are  for original inventions.  We  cooperate  closely with  Lanzhou University of Technology and other well known institutions. We are the  designated associate  for the university’s graduate projects and  practical training. Our main products include high precision gear synchronous shunt motors, stainless steel gear pumps, gear wheel metering pumps, high-pressure water descaling valves,  anti-corrosive gear wheel metering pumps, valves, filters and control systems. Our talented and experienced staff can  provide efficient and precise fluid metering flow devices to our clients. We can also advise on technology upgrade projects and offer  specialty pumps, high-pressure water descaling valves, dividing-combining motors and electrical control system overhaul solutions. 
   As a professional fluid service provider, we only manufacture and sell quality products. Our enterprise’s motivation and technical innovation is based on the UK people’s idea that it is best to sell quality first, next service and then the product.  Clients can rest assured our products and services will solve all their fluid flow metering problems efficiently and economically.
   “Make it better by thinking of our clients needs ” is a  principle we always insist on during  manufacturing. High precision CNC equipment is used to guarantee  accuracy. Today,  UK products are being operated efficiently and reliably in  well known business’, national key research institutions and large  multinational corporations.
    We have the solutions to all your fluid flow metering and synchronization needs. .  Please contact us on 400-618-5600. One phone is all it takes.
 同步分流馬達 齒輪計量泵
同步分流馬達 齒輪計量泵
同步分流馬達 齒輪計量泵
同步分流馬達 齒輪計量泵
同步分流馬達 齒輪計量泵
同步分流馬達 齒輪計量泵
同步分流馬達 齒輪計量泵

版權所有:山東優科精流機械有限公司  魯ICP備20000629號-2  技術支持 微濟南